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Record - Characteristics JG32/33 Altena72

Erstausgabe/ First Issue



Cover Front

Cover Back


Inside 1


Inside 2


Inside 3


Inside 4


Inside 5

Cover in Different Colour Versions

Orange and Red JG32_33 Front

Orange and Red

Orange and Red JG33_33 Inner_1_1

Orange and Red JG32_33 Inner_2_1

Different Paper Lashes - narrow (orange) and wide (red)



JG32 Label A_1

JG32 Label B_1

Label JG32 A - Side

Label JG32 B - Side

JG33 Label A_1

JG33 Label B_1

Label JG33 A - Side

Label JG33 B - Side

JG32 Label Muster A_1

JG32 Label Muster B_1

Musterplatte Label JG 32 S. A

Musterplatte Label JG 32 S. A

JG33 Label Muster A_1

JG33 Label Muster B_1

Musterplatte Label JG 33 S. A

Musterplatte Label JG 33 S. B

Expanded 8 CD Reissue inkl. JG 31 and Festival 1973 B.free 6167 - 6174 (2016)

Altena 72_73 Cover Front_1

Altena 72_73 Cover Back_1

Cover Front

Cover Back

Altena 72_73 Booklet 72_1

Altena 72_73 Booklet 73_1

Booklet 1972 (28 Page)

Booklet 1973 (28 Page)

Altena 72_73 CD 1_4_1

Altena 72_73 CD 5_8_1

CD’s 1-4

CD’s 5-8

CD 1: Jan Fryderyk Dobrowolski & Jacek Bedanarek/ Chris Mc Gregor’s Brotherhood of Breath

CD2: Michael Urbaniak Group/ Karl Berger Company

CD 3: Wolfgang Dauner Et Cetera/ Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine

CD 4: (Part 1) Scandinavian New Jazz Group

CD 4: (Part 2) Tune For Bassclarinets

CD 5: Reform Art Unit

CD 6: Anima

CD 7: Terumasa Hino Quintet

CD 8: Theo Lovendie Consort


RECORDED live at the Altena Castle, West Germany, June 24/25, 1972 & June 23/24, 1973.

Includes two 28-page booklets with concert pictures,flyers and newspaper clippings (in German and English).

This 8 CD box consists of two LPs Altena ´72 (2-1 + 2-2, 3-1 + 4-1) and At The New Jazz Meeting Altena (1-1 + 1-2) plus previously unreleased titles.

Thanks to Udo Sawinski for help and forwarding stuff from his collection
Special thanks to Lutz Klüter for rights and tapes

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