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Record - Characteristics JG27/28
2. Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena

Erstausgabe/ First Issue einmalige Auflage für Freunde des New Jazz Meeting Altena



Cover Front

Cover Back


Inside (incl. 16 page Booklet)



Label JG27 A - Side

Label JG27 B - Side



Label JG28 A - Side

Label JG28 B - Side

Jg 28 Muster Label A_1

Jg 28 Muster Label B_1

JG 28 Musterplatte Label A

JG 28 Musterplatte Label B

What Mats Gustafsson says to this Record: (taken from his Discaholic-Site http://www.discaholic.com/product-details.php?id=606)

Various – 2. Internationales New Jazz Meeting Auf Burg Altena

2LP Gatefold, 1971, Germany, JG-Records, JG 027/028

Recorded at the International New Jazz Meeting Burg Altena in June 1971

Mats Gustafsson says

This is it.
This is the bomb.
This is the one that never shows. I ve seen only two copies ever. JG records mania. That label did their records in such small quantities. BUT, the content on those releases….. HOLY SHIT! They all RULE!!! And they are all extremely RARE!
But you need them all… that is how it works.
because this particular one has a track (a whole beautiful LP side) by the classic Peter Brötzmann Trio w Van Hove and Bennink that will make your days and nights shine ultra bright, that will make your mind implode, that will make your LP collection looks like pure MAGIC, that will make your life just … beautiful (if you own it )!
The brötzmann track is - in our taste - the best Peter Brötzmann ever on vinyl!!! EVER!!! WE KID U NOT!
This is brutal, high energy, super rad interaction – BEAUTY!
This is as good as it gets!
And the rest of this 2 lp set is also extremely great and full of creative music:

Seite 1: Peter Brötzmann Trio
Seite 2: Alan Skidmore Quintet & Mike Osborne
Seite 3: Thomasz Stanko Quintet + New Jazz Ensemble `71 & Karin Krog
Seite 4: Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet & The Trio + John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin

EXTREMELY RARE! Maybe the rarest of ALL brötzmann releases ---- and the BEST!!!!


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